Week 15 – Student Interview – Michelle Howard


This weeks interview goes out to the Marvelous Michelle Howard. Michelle is from Cerritos and went to Cerritos High School. She came to CSULB because it was close and convenient. Also, she got to save a lot of money by staying home and not having to pay for dorms or apartments. Michelle is a Liberal Arts major and is still taking her time to figure out what she will do with her degree when she graduates.¬†Also, she says she was never really interested in art and took this class for GE purposes. Now ART110 has become her favorite since she’s been at Cal State Long Beach.

Once again, Michelle is a Liberal Arts major but she might change it in her future. At Cerritos High School she originally took classes to help her be a Pharmacy Technician. She even had a Pharmacy Technician internship over the summer with VM Pharmacy. But, she changed her mind because it did not interest her and she could not see herself doing it any longer. Now she loves it up to college experiences to help her decide what to do. Interesting fact about Michelle she makes YouTube videos about makeup. We talked more about this and after ART110 she may turn her website into a makeup website and she never knows who may see it. I wish her luck with her website, finals, and the rest of college. GOOD LUCK MICHELLE!!