Week 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak


Hey everyone, my artist of the week’s name is Yireh Elaine Kwak. Yireh was born in West Covina and has moved around Southern California and now stays in Fullerton. She is Korean American and proudly represents a Korean style in some of her art pieces. This her senior year at Cal State Long Beach, she’s been here two years after transferring from Fullerton Community College. She says her time here at Long Beach has been very enjoyable but is extremely glad that she made it out and will be graduating.

Her art style is unique. Yireh finds a pleasant scenery, sits and takes it in for a moment, then she goes to her art studio to paint what she remembers about the scenery. Sometimes she does this multiple times to see the different out comes and what she focuses on differently. This type of style requires that she clears her mind and focus on what she saw throughout the day. In her picture the scenery she painted was found in Fullerton and she painted it about three times until she was satisfied. Many may ask why not set up at the scene and paint what you see? Yireh says this is more enjoyable and that not everyone will like your work so do whatever makes you satisfied and if its good people will come and watch.