Week 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray


Elia Murray happens to be one of our many great artist here at Cal State Long Beach. Murray originally came to Cal State Long Beach to pursue her career in English to later become a teacher. But, with both her parents having their careers dealing with some form of art they wanted the same for their daughter. I’ve never heard of something like this because usually its the other way around. Most parents feel that art is a career that can drop at anytime so they try to make that their child’s side job and convince them to get something more stable. But, when Murray was talking to me about it art has the same principles as other jobs but when more creativity. Murray broke down to me that their are seasonal art jobs, jobs where you make designs or murals for, and many other jobs that can be compared to any normal job.


I originally thought that Murray would be mad about being forced to be an art major but she’s not. She likes art because she can do whatever she wants with it. She gave an example with one of her art pieces. She asked me “Would you ever see a skinny man holding a fat lady while trying to balance himself on a dog?” Of course I said no. This is what brings her to life the ability to do whatever she wants with these art pieces.


If anyone was looking to contact Murray here is some of her information.