Week 13 – Extra Credit – Jasmine Barnum’s Text Message Poetry

1. Get your mobile device.

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

what count happen could this do again or almost majors-out of order

Count what majors do or this could almost happen again.-in order

I recently found out I do not want to be a business major anymore. I took a business calculus course and I did not really enjoy what it was teaching. I thought it was trying to complicate the thought process of the business industry. I believe these words are telling me to closely look into a new major field so this does not happen to me again.


Week 13 – Student Interview – Marina Barnes


My student of the week is Marina Barnes. She was lucky enough to take a picture with Professor Zucman. She is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. She joined a sorority first semester which happen to be the Delta Gamma here at Long Beach. She joined because she commutes and wanted a way to meet more people. With all of the events her sorority has been having she has been kept occupied. Overall she likes her sorority experience she just wish she did not have to pay as much money.

As you can tell by her attendance card she like to draw. She does it a lot in her free time and thinks that it is really cool that this is how Professor Zucman takes attendance. Even though she took this class to get her general education requirements done she liked everything she has done with ART110. The class lets her creative side come out and let her experiment with a lot of different things. She liked the yarn bombing activity a lot because she has never did anything like that before. This class has been one of her best classes throughout her college experience so far and looks forward to finishing it with an A.

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Marty Knop


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Marty Knop. He is from far land of Chicago and now he lives in Korea Town. Marty is a very high energy type of person with a lot of interesting stories to talk about. A lot of the things he’s been through has had influence on his art pieces, his personality, and views on life. He feels Korea Town especially has a lot of influence on him because of all the diversity their and the many different people personalities there. He loves it at CSULB as well. A lot of people show him different ways to view art and his teachers have always encouraged him to try new things.


Knop has a lot of interesting pieces and to many people’s surprise it does not take long to make them. He said on average he can make multiple black and white pieces in a week and one in color in a week. They have an illusion to them as well. If you focus on one part of the pieces the others parts seem to move around. Knop said he was inspired by the European movement in the 20’s and the 30’s. He starts out putting random shapes together and tries to get a pattern out of it then he continues and repeats.

Week 12 – Artist Interview – Nicholas Gaby


This is Nicholas Gaby and he is one of the extraordinary artists here at Cal State Long Beach. Nicholas has a lot of deep thought when he thinks of his project. Most of his projects in this gallery have a re-occurring theme surrounded by and event he witnessed some back.


To summarize this note, one day he came home and witnessed an arrest was happening. The police officer was man handling this civilian while these two other men were across the street laughing like they were watching television. Nicholas’s instinct first told him to help out the poor civilian, but in the back of his mind he thought no that would cause even more trouble. He believes that society tells everyone they have freedom to many things but in actuality everyone is extremely limited. He had good intentions to go help the civilian but quickly thought that could lead to him being arrested so he stood there and watch. He could not do anything and felt so helpless.


These pictures are of some recent projects of his. The one on the left is a video of the freeway and the one of the right is a video game of Mortal Kombat. Each of these puts you in a simulation where one feels like he is in an event but is powerless to do anything. The freeway video is inside a big container with cones and speakers to give it a real effect. For some moments you feel like you are there with the environment around and the speakers having the sounds of the wind and cars. But if something were to happen you are powerless to help or do anything. The same with the game console. The game and television are in cement so you cannot take them out, turn them off, or even unplug the controllers. The television is also viewed with a mirror at the bottom pointing up to view the screen. So one may be good at the game but cannot perform well because of the confusion.

Lots of thought went into Nicholas’s projects and they proved to be attractive by many people rushing to view them. His projects are based off of life experiences and not the desire for money and i believe that is what makes them so powerful. The strong projects show his high level of potential to being a greatest artist and as time goes by it will do nothing but improve.

Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Prem Muni


Hi everyone, meet Prem. Prem is pretty local since he is from Cerritos. He is now a sophomore her Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in computer science. He likes it a lot and long beach and really wants to get more involved at the school. Unfortunately, he did not feel it was necessary to dorm since he lives really close to the school, but he did miss out on meeting a lot of people so when you see him say hi. He looks to make the best out of college so he interacts with people, gets the best grades possible, looks to join a group or club but he is unsure which one at the moment.

On a more interesting note, Prem likes to do a lot of fun activities. He plays video games, likes to watch basketball and the Lakers are his favorite team. He also use to do a little bit of skateboarding. He knew how to do a couple tricks but mainly rode it to get places. When Prem looks at art, he likes to interact with it. So this week he liked how one of the artist had video games, movies and video of the freeway. It kept him occupied. Well Prem is a nice guy if you see him do not be scared to say hi.

Week 11 – Artist Interview – Jared Pena


This week I got to interview the talented Jared Pena. Jared is from North Long Beach and attended high school at St John Bosco. Throughout Jared’s life he has been bouncing around from activity to activity. Whether it be his skateboarding, tagging art, or playing ball he is always doing something. He has also had many nicknames but the one that sticks with him is MishMosh. That nickname was given to him by one of his teachers because it is a soup that you can put anything in and Jared’s teacher knew about his many random activities and decided to label him MishMosh.



So as you can see Jared has a tagging style of art. I like the story of how he started doing this form of art. His friends were in a skateboard crew and every once in a while they would start tagging. Jared thought it was cool but did not want to disrespect public places so he tried it in his room first. When his parents saw it they flipped but grew to accept it later. Then father let him use the garage for more ideas and he then decided to make a career out of it. So he came to Cal State Long Beach in pursuit of making his dream a reality.

I live in LA so I see Graffiti every couple of blocks. But to see how Jared is using it in a positive way it seems like something out of a movie. When I walked into the gallery it felt like I walked into an alley near my house and for him to be able to make that type of scenario is truly amazing.

I believe Jared can go far with this type of art as long as he stays persistent. Good luck with everything Jared and I hope you make it big.

Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Avvy Luna


This week I got the pleasure of meeting Avvy Luna. Avvy is a fellow freshman and she is from Downey California. She went to Downey high school and there she played four years of basketball. She is very active and has the mindset to help people but unfortunately her basketball career took up most of her time and she could not do much more. She says she was always interested in ASB or doing some art class where she sat down and made something, but she did not have anything specific. Relating to art she had an open mind and would have joined anything that interested her most.

Avvy is happy to be at Cal State Long Beach even though it was not her first choice. Actually, Avvy did not have a first choice she just applied to schools and really looked into them when she started getting her acceptance letters. Right now she is still trying to be active so she does not be a student that just comes for class and leaves. She mentioned doing photography and is looking for a club or group on campus. It was really nice getting to know Avvy and I hope to see her more throughout our Cal State Long Beach careers.

Good luck Avvy, you can do it!