Week 15 – Extra Student Interview – Daniela Hernandez


Hey everybody, my extra classmate interview goes to Daniela Hernandez. Daniela is a Freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from Long Beach. Since she commutes she does not know that many people so for anyone looking at this interview say to her she does not bite. She’s from Long Beach Poly High School and throughout her time there was very active. She was ASB president, planed majority of the senior events, helped a bit with the yearbook. She did this because she thought she would do a good job with planning everything and did not think she would like the activities other people might plan for her class of seniors.

Being on that yearbook team inspired Daniela to be a journalism major. She liked helping with the yearbook and thought that something like it could keep her interested for a long time. So far she likes her entry level journalism classes and she has even taken initiative to get on the Dig Magazine here at school. Since it something she likes doing I have no doubt that she will be able to make it onto the magazine. Lastly, Daniela looks to take on an ASI position. She would have taken one of the positions that recently opened but she felt she did not know that much about the school yet and that her junior year would give her more time to grow.

Overall, Daniela is a wonderful girl, very determined, and persistent. She will be able to do many great things in her future.


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