Week 14 – Student Interview – Veronica Mazea


This weeks student interview goes out to Veronica Mazea. She is a local originally from Long Beach. She went to Long Beach Poly High School and use be a dance her school. Veronica was extremely active in her younger days she use to do karate and did cheer leading for a short while at Poly High School. She was also active in her school ASB program. Veronica did not like to waste time, if she was not doing something and there was something that could occupy her she went for it.

Veronica is a sophomore her at Cal State Long Beach. She came in as a Zoology major but then switched to Psychology. With her Psychology degree she plans on being a therapists because she enjoys helping other people.She continues dancing because she is in the CSULB salsa club. Overall, her involvement in activities has continued because instead of karate she switched to MMA, she’s in the EOP program, and she’s in the Sisters United program. I hope the involvement and the way that Veronica helps people will rub off on me because she has a positive impact on a lot of people. I just want to wish her look with her upcoming finals because she has been stressing over them.


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