Week 13 – Extra Credit – Jasmine Barnum’s Text Message Poetry

1. Get your mobile device.

2. Open up to your text messages.

3. Look through your messages of the last ten people you have messaged.

4. Write down the third word of the last text you sent to that person.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the ten people from your text messages.

6. Make a poem from all the words you wrote down.

7. Read your poem aloud!

what count happen could this do again or almost majors-out of order

Count what majors do or this could almost happen again.-in order

I recently found out I do not want to be a business major anymore. I took a business calculus course and I did not really enjoy what it was teaching. I thought it was trying to complicate the thought process of the business industry. I believe these words are telling me to closely look into a new major field so this does not happen to me again.


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