Week 13 – Student Interview – Marina Barnes


My student of the week is Marina Barnes. She was lucky enough to take a picture with Professor Zucman. She is a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. She joined a sorority first semester which happen to be the Delta Gamma here at Long Beach. She joined because she commutes and wanted a way to meet more people. With all of the events her sorority has been having she has been kept occupied. Overall she likes her sorority experience she just wish she did not have to pay as much money.

As you can tell by her attendance card she like to draw. She does it a lot in her free time and thinks that it is really cool that this is how Professor Zucman takes attendance. Even though she took this class to get her general education requirements done she liked everything she has done with ART110. The class lets her creative side come out and let her experiment with a lot of different things. She liked the yarn bombing activity a lot because she has never did anything like that before. This class has been one of her best classes throughout her college experience so far and looks forward to finishing it with an A.


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