Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Prem Muni


Hi everyone, meet Prem. Prem is pretty local since he is from Cerritos. He is now a sophomore her Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in computer science. He likes it a lot and long beach and really wants to get more involved at the school. Unfortunately, he did not feel it was necessary to dorm since he lives really close to the school, but he did miss out on meeting a lot of people so when you see him say hi. He looks to make the best out of college so he interacts with people, gets the best grades possible, looks to join a group or club but he is unsure which one at the moment.

On a more interesting note, Prem likes to do a lot of fun activities. He plays video games, likes to watch basketball and the Lakers are his favorite team. He also use to do a little bit of skateboarding. He knew how to do a couple tricks but mainly rode it to get places. When Prem looks at art, he likes to interact with it. So this week he liked how one of the artist had video games, movies and video of the freeway. It kept him occupied. Well Prem is a nice guy if you see him do not be scared to say hi.


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