Week 12 – Artist Interview – Nicholas Gaby


This is Nicholas Gaby and he is one of the extraordinary artists here at Cal State Long Beach. Nicholas has a lot of deep thought when he thinks of his project. Most of his projects in this gallery have a re-occurring theme surrounded by and event he witnessed some back.


To summarize this note, one day he came home and witnessed an arrest was happening. The police officer was man handling this civilian while these two other men were across the street laughing like they were watching television. Nicholas’s instinct first told him to help out the poor civilian, but in the back of his mind he thought no that would cause even more trouble. He believes that society tells everyone they have freedom to many things but in actuality everyone is extremely limited. He had good intentions to go help the civilian but quickly thought that could lead to him being arrested so he stood there and watch. He could not do anything and felt so helpless.


These pictures are of some recent projects of his. The one on the left is a video of the freeway and the one of the right is a video game of Mortal Kombat. Each of these puts you in a simulation where one feels like he is in an event but is powerless to do anything. The freeway video is inside a big container with cones and speakers to give it a real effect. For some moments you feel like you are there with the environment around and the speakers having the sounds of the wind and cars. But if something were to happen you are powerless to help or do anything. The same with the game console. The game and television are in cement so you cannot take them out, turn them off, or even unplug the controllers. The television is also viewed with a mirror at the bottom pointing up to view the screen. So one may be good at the game but cannot perform well because of the confusion.

Lots of thought went into Nicholas’s projects and they proved to be attractive by many people rushing to view them. His projects are based off of life experiences and not the desire for money and i believe that is what makes them so powerful. The strong projects show his high level of potential to being a greatest artist and as time goes by it will do nothing but improve.


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