Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Avvy Luna


This week I got the pleasure of meeting Avvy Luna. Avvy is a fellow freshman and she is from Downey California. She went to Downey high school and there she played four years of basketball. She is very active and has the mindset to help people but unfortunately her basketball career took up most of her time and she could not do much more. She says she was always interested in ASB or doing some art class where she sat down and made something, but she did not have anything specific. Relating to art she had an open mind and would have joined anything that interested her most.

Avvy is happy to be at Cal State Long Beach even though it was not her first choice. Actually, Avvy did not have a first choice she just applied to schools and really looked into them when she started getting her acceptance letters. Right now she is still trying to be active so she does not be a student that just comes for class and leaves. She mentioned doing photography and is looking for a club or group on campus. It was really nice getting to know Avvy and I hope to see her more throughout our Cal State Long Beach careers.

Good luck Avvy, you can do it!


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