Week 11 – Artist Interview – Jared Pena


This week I got to interview the talented Jared Pena. Jared is from North Long Beach and attended high school at St John Bosco. Throughout Jared’s life he has been bouncing around from activity to activity. Whether it be his skateboarding, tagging art, or playing ball he is always doing something. He has also had many nicknames but the one that sticks with him is MishMosh. That nickname was given to him by one of his teachers because it is a soup that you can put anything in and Jared’s teacher knew about his many random activities and decided to label him MishMosh.



So as you can see Jared has a tagging style of art. I like the story of how he started doing this form of art. His friends were in a skateboard crew and every once in a while they would start tagging. Jared thought it was cool but did not want to disrespect public places so he tried it in his room first. When his parents saw it they flipped but grew to accept it later. Then father let him use the garage for more ideas and he then decided to make a career out of it. So he came to Cal State Long Beach in pursuit of making his dream a reality.

I live in LA so I see Graffiti every couple of blocks. But to see how Jared is using it in a positive way it seems like something out of a movie. When I walked into the gallery it felt like I walked into an alley near my house and for him to be able to make that type of scenario is truly amazing.

I believe Jared can go far with this type of art as long as he stays persistent. Good luck with everything Jared and I hope you make it big.


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