Week 10 – Activity – Student Choice


I took this student choice week to show off the wonderful art that Grand Canyon had to offer. I went their last summer with my upward bound group and the sights  were breathe taking. You can see miles of oddly shaped rock figures. From what I remember, the Grand Canyon is 20 miles in length and 10 miles in width. It is a truly wonderful sight to see along with the sky above. It is almost like the sun reflects off the canyon and colors the clouds accordingly.


(Not my picture just wanted one with more detail)

They say that the Grand Canyon’s rocks are formed with the oldest rocks at the bottom and the newest at the top. This is easily noticeable because the bottom rocks have more detail in their form with all the cracks and the color of its texture. While at the top it seems more smooth and not as naturally formed.


Overall, this was a fun trip. I got to hang out with a couple of my closest friends, got to walk the Grand Canyon trail, and even ate at one of their diners. The Grand Canyon is definitely one milestone everyone has to see at least on time in their.

P.S. in this picture the camera person was taking a long time to take the picture so we all were yelling at him because we were scared of being on the edge.


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