Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Lizbeth Acosta


My classmate interview of the week is the Lovely Lizbeth Acosta. Follow her on Instagram she is nice and would very much appreciate it. Lizbeth is a very cool person that likes to express herself and encourage others to do good. In my time talking with her I now know she is originally from Mexico. She was born there and moved to Texas when she was 3 then 6 months later moved to Santa Clarita. She did a lot of traveling when she was younger but has now found a great home in California. An interesting story about her is one day Lizbeth and her cousin left the window open and a bat flew into their house. It took them a while to get it out because they were scared to touch it and bats are blind.


Lizbeth initially wanted to go to a UC but came to Long Beach because UC’s charged too much for admission. She is now satisfied with her choice because Long Beach has given her a new start with many positive things. She is happy to not be too far from her boyfriend, she has to jobs one at the rec center and one at Dunkin Donuts, and likes the many personalities that Long Beach has introduced to her. She also says this Art110 class is the most different but fun class she has been in. Long Beach has definitely left its mark on Lizbeth and she still has 3 more years of experience to go through.


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