Week 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins


My artist of the week is Michael Rollins. Everybody seemed to like Michael Rollins so I did not get a one on one with but I did get to know a lot about his style. He likes to start out with a shape or form he thinks of before and then adds on to it. He is very picky on the colors he uses. He never uses black but he likes to use a lot of grey. He feels that adapts to the other colors and does not outshine them.


When looking at some of his work you would think he just takes different colors paints layers over layers. This is not the case because Michael plans these patterns in a way where it will catch people’s attention. Everytime I tried to interview he had a crowd of people around so I guess that plan is working for him. When someone asked him does he every close his eyes when he paints he said no. “Sometimes accidents may occur and I allow them then move one but not closing my eyes.” Michael definitely tries a lot of different tactics but what he does works for him and I wish nothing but success in his career.


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