Week 9 – Activity – Urban Planing


My cognitive map compared to the real one


Without a doubt my favorite building is The Walter Pyramid. The pyramid is such an iconic symbol of Cal State Long Beach. I don’t know how many times I said I was going here for college and people have asked “Is that the one with the big blue pyramid?” I always enthusiastically say Yes! The Pyramid has so much to offer people whether it is an athletic event, an event going at the Pointe (room under the Pyramid), or a good symbol for tourists.

From my research I now know the Pyramid was opened in late 1994. It’s cost was around $22 million dollars and was built by the Neilson Construction Company. It was originally named The Pyramid but changed to the Walter Pyramid due to Mike and Arline Walters’ donation of $2.1 million dollars in 2005.


My idea for remodeling the school it comes out of frustration of how it is set up now. First of all, the horrible parking would be the first to change. Students park either on lower campus or off campus while employees park wherever they want. So I changed the parking around. I also changed the buildings putting the most important ones in the middle and classrooms by parking lots. I forgot to put the Rec Center but if it was there I would put it by the USU. Without a doubt a lot of students would like this because they will not be late because they parked far away from class and have to walk across campus to get there


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