Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Candice Cheung


My classmate interview this week was with Candice Cheung. Candice is from the San Gabriel Valley and went to Templeton High School. She is a freshman here at CSULB and dorms in Los Alamitos at Hillside. Long Beach was actually Candice’s second choice in schools. She originally wanted to go to UC Irvine but due to highly impacted majors she came to CSULB. She also says if she could pick over again CSULB would be her first choice in schools. Right now she is studying human development after changing from the pre nursing program. Later on she has plans on going to grad school for occupational therapy.

Candice is a very active person in her personal life. Since she was 5 years old she was in dance lessons. She knows how to play the piano and the violin. Lastly, she does swimming, bat mitting, and art of her own. All-around she is a very active and exciting person and can contribute a lot wherever she goes. It was nice talking to Candice and I wish her luck with the rest of her college life.


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