Week 7 – Artist Interview – Juliett Angulo


My artist of the week is Juliett Angulo. Juliett is from Alhambra, California. Early in her life she did not think she would being doing art. It was just her little hobby that killed time and kept her interested. As things progressed, her skills improved and she saw more art and questioned it. This put her on her art career path. Juliett is very family oriented. She feels that everything she has been able to accomplish in her life her family has had a big impact on it. Whether it was support or money her family has been then for her and most of her work represents this because it usually has something to do with her family.


When I saw Juliett’s gallery I was immediately interested. When you see someone cut out of so many pictures you would think of a lot of hatred towards that person but this was not the case. In her pictures it is her sister that is cut out. Juliett use to be extremely close with her sister until she joined the army. Of course, they still see each other but when you are separated like that you start to feel disconnected from that person. I interviewed Juliett because I could relate to her project so much. My dad was also in the army before he passed away. I did not get see him as much and I know that is what Juliett is going through. Overall, she had a good and interesting gallery.


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