Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Christen Drake


Oh my, this interview with Christen Drake is one to remember. Christen is a very high spirited and different person. If you ask her opinion on something I can almost guarantee you will not get the same answer. Haha but, aside from her personality she is from Anaheim.  She is a freshman and is currently majoring in Fashion Merchandise. Christen is thinking of double majoring in art so she is taking some of the classes to see if she likes it. If all of the classes go like this Art110 class she might as well double major. Secretly, she has always liked art but she just has not noticed.

In high school she was interested in a lot of art related classes like woodshop, painting, and fashion based classes. With Christen you can get a sense that she really likes making things. Her major is fashion merchandise where I am guessing that you make new clothing material that other people will like. Then she was interested in woodshop and her favorite gallery happened to be the gallery with the artists made all of the tables, guitars, and other house based stuff. You can see Christen taking a picture next to her favorite piece the guitar.


Just for fun this was Christen’s first picture. She wanted to sit on the artist’s chair but she was scared she was going to break so she squatted over it haha.


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