Week 6 – Artist Interview – Emily


This weeks Artist interview was with Emily. It just so happen that she is good friends with Romina, my interviewed artist from last week. Like Romina, Emily was not born in the U.S. She was born in Canada and moved to California in 2007. She has done a lot of traveling in her life like to South America, Europe, and Asia. Cool fact about Emily is that she was not originally an artist. She was into theatre arts until she tried studying abroad with Long Beach. She went to England and overtime took in the environment and different art styles. This eventually rubbed off on her and she went for her Art degree.

As far as her artwork goes she does a lot of model work. She will draw the model in whatever pose that they are in and instead of doing the background she will create her own. With her technique she goes based off of how she feels and the emotion that the model gives off in their pose. She also creates cartoon like images that describes as not of this world. In one of her drawings it was a lady holding a weight scale. Even though there was nothing on the scale it was out of balance and for this reason Emily says the rules in the pictures can not be described by our world’s science laws. These pictures leave viewers in questioning making them want to see more of this style.


One more picture of Romina and Emily holding a picture of themselves.


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