Week 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing

untitled images

For anybody randomly coming to my site yarn bombing is a style of graffiti. While most types of graffiti is looked down upon, yarn bombing is widely accepted by many. Many will watch the people put these projects on public property like trains, buses, trees, and other places and do not consider it a crime. It is simple why people do nothing. Many people view yarn bombing as a person’s way of making the community brighter and more pretty. They do not view it as the crime it is because its not really aggressive and can easily be removed.


I tried my own yarn bombing safely in my dorm room. I thought to myself that I really disliked going up my ladder to go to bed every night. Maybe if I decorated it a little bit I would not mind as much. Easy to say that my idea failed; it made me feel no different from climbing up the ladder. In the next picture I chose to put the some shirts on my chairs in the dorm. It is nothing big but I kind of like it. maybe one day I can be more spontaneous on what I yarn bomb.

I was unable to make it to F02 Professor Zucman so I just uploaded the pictures of the two yarn bombing projects at the beginning of the post.



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