Week 5 – Classmate Interview – Lizbeth Rangel



Introducing to the KGT Bloggers is the Lovely Lizbeth Rangel. Lizbeth is from Los Angeles and she attended South Gates High School. In high school she did dance for two years and loved every minute of it. She is very free spirited in the sense that she stays completely calm no matter the problems she faces or any negative situations that are thrown her way. To her dance was a way to clear her mind from all of her problems. Even though she was not sure about it at first Lizbeth kept with the dance program and it became her personal hobby.


Now as you can tell from the first picture she likes to draw in her spare time. “I don’t feel that I am the best at drawing but it is something I feel that I have control over. If I want to draw a horse, a rainbow, or anything else it is my decision and it is my vision that is being expressed.” Right now Lizbeth is undeclared but is just taking Art110 for GE credit. She looks to go in the biology field when declaring a major. Right now her hopes are to become a pharmacist or veterinarian. Mainly a veterinarian becomes she really likes to work with animals.

I just want take this time to wish her good luck with her major and career choices. I am glad that I was able to meet her in this Art110 class become she is awesome.


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