Week 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

Game Category


This Ghostbuster board video caught my attention really fast. First of all I loved Ghostbusters, and for them to finally make a board game about it is far over due. What also gets me excited for this is the people in the video. The makers seem to know what they are doing structuring the game based the characters and events in the movie. Lastly, the game testers had good reviews of it at the end of the video. People actually the game also tells me that the game is actually being developed and that my money will make a difference. This video and idea was well thought and makes want to purchase this if I see it on the shelves of a store.


This video caught my attention at first, but watching it makes me not want to buy it. Roll Out the Big Board Game has many flaws in its Kickstarter video. The video tells rules but they are kind of confusing when first trying to watch it. Second, the game comes in a duffle bag. All the games I have bought either came in a case or box, and for this game to come in a duffle bag is kind of weird. The game is played on a plastic paper like substance that can easily be ripped with a couple running on top of it. Not saying that it is not a good game, but the video does need some work.

Technology Category


Hands down one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. Just by reading the title I got excited for this idea. Many people take pictures and there are often times where they want to print these pictures. With this Prynt device it allows you take pictures from a smartphone and print it instantly. The video gives many scenarios where this is can be helpfully for any individual. All-around great idea and great video.


This wireless remote for smartphones does not really interest me. This idea is kind of useless and just gives another accessory for people to buy. For example, if your phone is out of reach what makes you think you will have this remote in reach? In the video it shows a phone charging on the other side of the room and the alarm goes off. But, for some reason the remote was charging right next to the bed and that was used to snooze the alarm. That’s bias placement of the phone and remote just to make the remote look useful. The only feature that would be useful to me is the find your phone feature but there are many apps and other gadgets that will help me do that.


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