Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Magdalena Acevedo


Hello KGT bloggers, this weeks classmate no other than the Magnificent Magdalena Acevedo. I call her Maggie for short. Maggie is a Freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and stays in the best dorms which is Beachside. Right now she is undeclared and took ART110 because she has a split decision between  the engineering and art program but did not want to rush into anything.  She is from Marino Valley which is close to Long Beach. I think that impacted her decisions on coming to this school. So far she loves this school and has no regrets about coming to CSULB.


Maggie likes to draw and likes the way role is taking in class. “I find it really cool how he accepts and displays people’s drawings on their cards but does not discriminate on those that are not as talented.” She really likes ART110 mainly because of the way the teacher runs the class. “He encourages everyone to get out of their comfort zone, encourages interaction amongst others, and it has not been one dull class since I have been here.” Maggie’s favorite type of art is sketch drawing and found those of the room very interesting.

She loves everything ART110 has to offer and excited for the rest of the year in it.


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