Week 3 – Activity – Instagram

art 10948864_733013840139267_458571592_n

In this week of everybody posting their pictures on instagram these two stood out. I know I saw these in the art gallery on Thursday, but it is something about them that grabs my attention.

This first picture brings out the little kid in me. I see like mountains and bushes in sort of a Mario type of theme. Growing up I was big on Mario I can even say it was my favorite game. Seeing this picture sends me into a flashback. It just reminds of the background of the game how it would have the small mountains in the back and some levels had these little ponds in them. Of course when I asks everyone else their opinion I got different answers but the Mario theme is the only thing I see when looking at this picture.

This next picture, I can not even relate to anything in my past. It is well drawn and it just makes a person bring up so many questions about. Like, what was the artist thinking? What is it representing? There is no one answer to this picture it is very mysterious. Even with its mysterious way it still remains beautiful and it attracted so many people at the gallery to huddle around look at it.


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