Week 3 – Classmate Interview – Ericka Gustafson

Ericka Gustafson

My new friend this week is the lovely Ericka Gustafson. Ericka is from the bay are up north, while her family is originally from Sweden. She went to St. Frances high school and had an outstanding high school career which involved being in many clubs like photography and being on the honor. Long Beach was not her first choice in colleges but after looking into the school and seeing everything it had to offer her she eventually felt at home in Long Beach. Ericka is now in her second year at CSULB and is majoring in Communication with a minor in Marketing. Interesting fact, Ericka is part of the Delta Gamma sorority at CSULB.

Ericka is more interested in pictures and drawing art. She can relate to those more since she did photography in high school. In the picture Ericka is standing next to the piece of art she found most interesting. “You can look at this so many ways, like the saying your body is eating you alive, this is literally that. Also, it is drawn extremely well the artist must have put a lot of effort into it” says Ericka. She takes art 110 to get another perspective on art and to experience new pieces.


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