Week 3 – Artist Interview – Josh Benz


My Artist of the Week post goes to Josh Benz, yes like the car. Josh grew up in San Diego doing a little bit of traveling throughout his life. At a young age he knew he had a thing for art. Looking at things from other and always wondering why statues and certain buildings were made the way they were.

Josh had an interesting route at finding a school he would fit in at. After high school he went to the Art Institute in San Diego. He stayed there for a while he found out it was not really for him. He thought that the Institute was forcing a way a learning onto him so he transferred Palomar Community College in San Diego. After doing two years he then transferred to CSULB and fit in perfectly. He felt like he could express himself how wanted and that he was not forced to think a certain way.

For Josh art is a sign of expression because he paints for himself. ” When I do work for myself it’s more true to me” says Josh. He feels art should be something you do out of fun and not a job. ” When you start to appeal to other people’s wants in art it becomes tiring”. He aims to keep his love for art going as long as possible and from the art that he does it seems to be a good thing.

Josh Drawings

Interesting fact Josh makes sketches in his free time here are a couple of them.


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