Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Roxana Gutierrez

Roxana and I

This week I have had the pleasure to interview with Roxana Gutierrez. Roxana is a Long Beach local coming from one of the local high schools. Coming from Lakewood High school she is already accustomed to the Long Beach weather and area. With this being her second semester at California State University Long Beach she has adapted pretty well to the college life. Roxana is a psychology major because she has a passion for helping those in need of it most. So far she has enjoyed her road and is not looking to change anytime soon.

At an early age Roxana played the violin showing her passion for the art of music. Roxana is attracted to the art that has a different taste to it. Art that brings many questions and have you begging for more of it’s interesting style is what catches her eye. So there is no question why she though the paint of the room full of people and the lion was her favorite in the gallery. She says that “I like it because it kind of shows people’s different reactions if a lion was to burst in a room. Of course many people would run but you have one guy just looking at the lion as if it is normal.”

Getting to know Roxana was very exciting and she is one interesting individual. I wish her luck in her college life and hope that her future continues to be bright as the stars.


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