Week 2 – Artist Interview – Chase Wolcott

Chase Wolcott

My artist of the week interview was with Chase Wolcott. Chase has had a good look of southern California since he grew up in Ventura. He started out college at Moorpark Community College and later transferred to California State University Long Beach. Chase said he liked the experience moving place to place getting see different environments and be able to connect with other people. He did notice a change in work load switching to a four year but he was able to adapt and graduate on time. Interesting fact he is a Portugal soccer fan.

Chase’s passion for art bloomed late since he started doing it seriously at age 18. He said from time to time he would do little drawings in his spare time just for fun and did not think he would be so interested later on in life. Chase’s idea for art is very different because how he thinks. Chase randomly gets an idea of an art piece and goes around asking for people’s opinion if they would be interested in it or not. It is his own way of getting other people involved in his work. He also says from time to time he would mess up on his piece of work, but instead of starting over sometimes he feels the mistake should be made. “Art is not a perfectionist type of thing, you have to be spontaneous” says Chase. With this different way of thinking it comes with some very different art pieces.

Chase's Favorite Piece of Art

Even with his many great pieces Chase’s favorite was not his own in the gallery. This piece of the graffiti artist caught by the police was his favorite. He feels it is society’s way of keeping the great minds contained. As an artist he can truly relate. Chase was an artist that was not like many others and it was great being able to interview him.


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