Week 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray


Elia Murray happens to be one of our many great artist here at Cal State Long Beach. Murray originally came to Cal State Long Beach to pursue her career in English to later become a teacher. But, with both her parents having their careers dealing with some form of art they wanted the same for their daughter. I’ve never heard of something like this because usually its the other way around. Most parents feel that art is a career that can drop at anytime so they try to make that their child’s side job and convince them to get something more stable. But, when Murray was talking to me about it art has the same principles as other jobs but when more creativity. Murray broke down to me that their are seasonal art jobs, jobs where you make designs or murals for, and many other jobs that can be compared to any normal job.


I originally thought that Murray would be mad about being forced to be an art major but she’s not. She likes art because she can do whatever she wants with it. She gave an example with one of her art pieces. She asked me “Would you ever see a skinny man holding a fat lady while trying to balance himself on a dog?” Of course I said no. This is what brings her to life the ability to do whatever she wants with these art pieces.


If anyone was looking to contact Murray here is some of her information.


Week 15 – Extra Student Interview – Daniela Hernandez


Hey everybody, my extra classmate interview goes to Daniela Hernandez. Daniela is a Freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from Long Beach. Since she commutes she does not know that many people so for anyone looking at this interview say to her she does not bite. She’s from Long Beach Poly High School and throughout her time there was very active. She was ASB president, planed majority of the senior events, helped a bit with the yearbook. She did this because she thought she would do a good job with planning everything and did not think she would like the activities other people might plan for her class of seniors.

Being on that yearbook team inspired Daniela to be a journalism major. She liked helping with the yearbook and thought that something like it could keep her interested for a long time. So far she likes her entry level journalism classes and she has even taken initiative to get on the Dig Magazine here at school. Since it something she likes doing I have no doubt that she will be able to make it onto the magazine. Lastly, Daniela looks to take on an ASI position. She would have taken one of the positions that recently opened but she felt she did not know that much about the school yet and that her junior year would give her more time to grow.

Overall, Daniela is a wonderful girl, very determined, and persistent. She will be able to do many great things in her future.

Week 15 – Student Interview – Michelle Howard


This weeks interview goes out to the Marvelous Michelle Howard. Michelle is from Cerritos and went to Cerritos High School. She came to CSULB because it was close and convenient. Also, she got to save a lot of money by staying home and not having to pay for dorms or apartments. Michelle is a Liberal Arts major and is still taking her time to figure out what she will do with her degree when she graduates. Also, she says she was never really interested in art and took this class for GE purposes. Now ART110 has become her favorite since she’s been at Cal State Long Beach.

Once again, Michelle is a Liberal Arts major but she might change it in her future. At Cerritos High School she originally took classes to help her be a Pharmacy Technician. She even had a Pharmacy Technician internship over the summer with VM Pharmacy. But, she changed her mind because it did not interest her and she could not see herself doing it any longer. Now she loves it up to college experiences to help her decide what to do. Interesting fact about Michelle she makes YouTube videos about makeup. We talked more about this and after ART110 she may turn her website into a makeup website and she never knows who may see it. I wish her luck with her website, finals, and the rest of college. GOOD LUCK MICHELLE!!

Week 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak


Hey everyone, my artist of the week’s name is Yireh Elaine Kwak. Yireh was born in West Covina and has moved around Southern California and now stays in Fullerton. She is Korean American and proudly represents a Korean style in some of her art pieces. This her senior year at Cal State Long Beach, she’s been here two years after transferring from Fullerton Community College. She says her time here at Long Beach has been very enjoyable but is extremely glad that she made it out and will be graduating.

Her art style is unique. Yireh finds a pleasant scenery, sits and takes it in for a moment, then she goes to her art studio to paint what she remembers about the scenery. Sometimes she does this multiple times to see the different out comes and what she focuses on differently. This type of style requires that she clears her mind and focus on what she saw throughout the day. In her picture the scenery she painted was found in Fullerton and she painted it about three times until she was satisfied. Many may ask why not set up at the scene and paint what you see? Yireh says this is more enjoyable and that not everyone will like your work so do whatever makes you satisfied and if its good people will come and watch.

Week 14 – Student Interview – Veronica Mazea


This weeks student interview goes out to Veronica Mazea. She is a local originally from Long Beach. She went to Long Beach Poly High School and use be a dance her school. Veronica was extremely active in her younger days she use to do karate and did cheer leading for a short while at Poly High School. She was also active in her school ASB program. Veronica did not like to waste time, if she was not doing something and there was something that could occupy her she went for it.

Veronica is a sophomore her at Cal State Long Beach. She came in as a Zoology major but then switched to Psychology. With her Psychology degree she plans on being a therapists because she enjoys helping other people.She continues dancing because she is in the CSULB salsa club. Overall, her involvement in activities has continued because instead of karate she switched to MMA, she’s in the EOP program, and she’s in the Sisters United program. I hope the involvement and the way that Veronica helps people will rub off on me because she has a positive impact on a lot of people. I just want to wish her look with her upcoming finals because she has been stressing over them.

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Hoc Nguyen Procedural Poetry

1) Take your favorite book.

2) On every page of a single chapter, use the last word of the page.

3) Create a poem or image using the collected words.

4) Extra words may be used to tie in collected words together.


get and away hallway asked hard they arm bumper by (words of the chapters)

Asked by they to get away.

Hard arm by the hallway.

And with that they had a bumper of a day. (poem)

This poem was kind of difficult to make because of the words I had to work with. The meaning that’s behind it is that some days people do not want to be bothered. Instead of being somewhere where one is unwanted, go somewhere else and try to enjoy it. No for everyone’s mood to die down because one person is having a bad day.

Week 13 – Extra Credit – Lizbeth Acosta Geometric Drawing

1) Using a ruler, draw a straight line on a blank piece of paper

2) Draw an other line, making sure both lines touch at any point.

3) Continue this, each new line touching the last

4) Stop drawing lines once the page looks evenly covered in lines

5) Open Pandora Radio- choose shuffle station

6) Start to study for Nutrition 132 quiz

7) Every time you choose to skip a song, fill in a random shape with circles

8) Every time a song plays that you like, shade in a random shape completely

9) Repeat until you finally remember all of the water-soluble vitamins

Final Results


At first I did not think that this would be all that interesting but it turns out it was fun. This activity gave me time to study for a Philosophy test and enjoy some good music. I think this drawing came out pretty good as well. I feel like I made something exquisite. I am not good at drawing so seeing that I can make something like this motivates me to vast out and look for my type of art. A lot of artist tell it will take a while to find your own style but when you do it is a sweet feeling. I will look into different styles of art because of this project thanks Lizbeth!